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2008-06-26 09:22:19 by 3up

hey guys i haven't posted anything in a while and thats because i can't really think of much to post so guys gimme some ideas, i was thinking of doing like a rpg kinda thing but i don't know if i have the skillto pull it off, we will see i guess, thanks guys



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2008-06-26 15:18:38

Hmm I don't get why people say your voice acting is bad. It's quite good in my opinion; there's emotion and variation etc. fitting to the context.

(Updated ) 3up responds:

wow thanks, thats a first


2008-06-26 16:39:22

Hi, I just checked out your latest flash, and I think I've heard of the book before. Wait a sec! My dad has a copy. What grade are you in anyway?

3up responds:

im going into 7th